If you would like to substantially improve your child's opportunity in an extremely competitive environment, you will need an agent.


Professional clients come to us in order to find talent for an array of castings. This means that the work comes to us, Superarts Agency, and we can then use our time putting talent into professional work. If you do not have an agent you will be unable to access exclusive castings and will find it extremely difficult to further your career.


Once on our books, this does not mean that you are guaranteed work. No agency can guarantee work! It just puts your child in a privileged position of being seen by clients who are looking to cast work within the industry. 

Superarts will only accept children onto our books if we feel they have the best possible chance of getting work. We will of course, make every effort to get your child as much work as possible.


Our job is to get your child noticed.


Why do we want to get your child noticed? Because that way we all benefit and your child can succeed in a profession that they love.


Some agencies are only geared towards photographic and modelling, others theatre, TV and film work. We do both, and we do both well. We can offer this service as we have been an agency in central London for over 40 years.


Industry warnings!


- Don't pay anyone any money upfront- only if you are accepted onto an agency's books should a fee be due.

- Don't be duped into having to pay for a portfolio of photos before your child is accepted - a few clear photographs are enough for the application, and once accepted a professional photographer will be arranged.

- Don't go to an agent who won't tell you who they are, or their office address.

- Don't go to an agent who claims they can guarantee work for you, they can't!