CONFIDENTIALITY: The agency, thereby our talent, works with productions that have very strict confidentiality rules. It is essential that these are adhered to at all times by our talent, parent/legal guardian/chaperone. In registering with the Agency you agree to the following:

  • You will not discuss the casting, audition or work offer amongst friends, peers or colleagues at any time
  • You will not reveal any confidential information and will not discuss anything you hear, see or learn whilst working with the production team and cast
  • You must not share or post anything that relates to the production or cast on any social media sites
  • You must not take photos whilst on set, unless permission is granted
  • You will act in a professional manner at all times whilst representing the agency

Confidential information includes scripts, storylines, cast information, locations, schedules or any events that may occur on the day/s of work or on location. This list is not exhaustible.


Should you, your parent/guardian or chaperone not adhere to the above, dismissal from the production and removal from the agency books will take affect immediately.