The Agency

We are a bespoke Talent & Modelling agency. We handpick each individual that joins the agency so we know each one personally and that little something different they each have to offer. 


We represent children & young adults between the ages of 2 to 18 years for Advertising, TV, Fashion, Film & Theatre work and have been responsible for launching many careers within these industries to date. 


In association with Superarts Academy, not only do we ensure our talent is foremost in every casting directors mind, we also help develop our talent by offering workshops and classes, one-to-one tuition and other child skills that will help prepare them for castings. Every child is different and knowing them individually we are able to offer the best support to help launch their careers and can tailor their training accordingly.


We are dedicated to providing young people with life enhancing, practical, educative and profitable experiences, fostering them in making a positive contribution to their future, their family, and the wider community.


We are solely dedicated to working with young people and fostering their creative potential regardless of race, culture, socio-economic or religious background. This ethos is fundamental to the approach of our agency. 

Superarts Agency focusses on maintaining a respectful and professional community setting, where each child’s creative potential can be explored, promoting success as well as  physical and emotional well-being. We work with respectable clients and agencies to ensure a safe and non-judgemental environment for castings and work.


Besides an array of young talent, we also offer:-


Our own studio space for castings & auditions in Central London
Known chaperones who are very experienced in working with young people
and all hold an enhanced DBS disclosure
 Trusted dressers who are experienced working with young people
Hairdressers we know personally and have used on assignments 
 Choreographers and Consultants for assignments of any scale, working worldwide


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