Your Child's CV

A CV is not essential, but having one could make that difference when you need it. Superarts Agency will maintain it as your child gets work through us, and sometimes a client may ask to see the cv of children we have put forward for an assignment.


The more up-to-date your child's cv is, the better. But keep it brief and to the point - because if it's too long it may never be read.




An example:

Kid Calhoune



  • Female
  • Born: May 2001
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin: Fair
  • Height: 4' 3" (129cm)
  • Weight: 4st 12 oz (30kg)
  • Build: Thick set and slim
  • Clothes size: 134cm (8-9 years)
  • Shoe Size: 6




2013 (July) - 2014 (ongoing): further television and film advertisements for Adidas.

2013 (May): Photographic advertisement for Adidas

2013 (February): Television advertisement for Microsoft (Windows) 

2013 (January): Photographic advertisement for Marks & Spencers and Wembley Arena

2012 (December): Re-cast as lead child in The Lion King in London's West End

2012 (June): Television advertisement for Playstation.

2012 (March): Television advertisement for Levi's

2012 (March): voiceover for a Burberry's Kids television advertisement

2012 (February): cast in Matilda in London's West End

2010 (August): cast as an extra in The Lion King

2010 (March): television advertisement for Adidas

2009 (November): cast as a young football player in an advertisement for Wembley, shot on location over 4 days



  • Has attended the Irene Hayes Superarts School of Performing Arts since the age of three - loves  acting, dance (ballet, street, modern, jazz, tap), singing, and performing on stage
  • Can speak with fluent Cockney English, Upper Class English, Australian, various American Accents, and some German.
  • Plays Football, Climbs, Cycles, Skateboards, Ice skates, and Ten Pin bowling.
  • She is an avid reader of both modern books and the classics, Plays computer games (X-Box and PS), is computer and internet literate, sings in her local choir, and creates her own music using computer aided technology.




Kid is a bright and engaging child, happy to be the centre of attention and equally happy to be a part of a team. She is quiet and content when required to be, and is boistrous and loud when needed. Kid is doing well at school, forms good friendships in her performance classes, and responds to authority well. Whatever assignment she has been sent to fill, she has done so with gusto and all feedback about Kid consistently paints a picture of her as being both professional and a pleasure to work with.