What will Superarts Agency expect of you?


If your child is successful in being accepted by Superarts Agency, you will be sent a contract. Here are some of the points included in the contract:


  • You'll need to you take the commitment you make to us as seriously as we take the commitment we are making to you and your child.


  • We know you are busy, and sometimes you just won't have time, but we ask you to do your best to be available to get your child to castings and jobs, sometimes at short notice.  


  • You'll find you'll need to be flexible, committed and patient, and most of all supportive of your child.


  • Please let us know when there are any changes in the details you have submitted to us about your child. Children grow and change, that means changes in appearance and measurements and sometimes personality. If your records with us are up-to-date and accurate, the better we are able to represent your child and find her or him work.


  • Please be sure to let us know when your child is not available for any audition, casting or job, as this will allow us to replace your child with another so they can take the opportunity offered.


  • Please let us know when your child is unavailable, for example when you go away on holiday.


  • We will be your child's sole agent.