Fees, Commissions, and Earnings:

A One-Off Joining Fee

When your child is accepted to join Superarts you can pay for your child's Joining Fee in two ways:

  • either £12.50 per month (by Standing Order or Direct Debit)
  • or £100.00 up front (which is less than £2.00 per week for one year) 
If you want your child to be in the Spotlight directory please see below.
Your child's photographs and details will be included on our website so the agency has a platform for our talent to be seen by our clients. This information may also be placed on other casting websites which cannot be joined without an agent. Your child's safety and privacy is of paramount importance to us and any photographs and details will be treated with the utmost care and are password protected.
All fees are VAT inclusive.


You will need to supply up-to-date photographs of your child for our website. Without these we cannot represent your child and put them forward for auditions and castings. To maintain our standards and our 'look' we require you to use our professional photographer unless you can provide us with regular and suitable good quality photographs of your own.


All photographs are to be taken on a white background.


Our Commission

This is how we earn our keep - Superarts Agency earns on a commission basis. We take this commission on all fees except for travel expenses which go directly to you. 


What do we do for our commission? We do our best to make sure your child is noticed. Clients will contact us, looking for talent, because we are an established and trusted agency. We will receive and write letters about your child, we will receive and make phone calls about her or him, we will maintain our database with the continuous changes that are part of being a growing child, we will make sure directory entries about your child are up-to-date and relevant, we will process the invitations and calls for auditions that come your child's way, we will organise chaperones where necessary, we will liase between parents and clients, clients and parents. All of this takes people time and the commission is there to pay for this, for our considerable experience, and our reputation which helps to get work for your child.



There may be other things you will need to pay for, such as travel fares to auditions and castings, or clothes you may wish to purchase for an audition.




What is 'Spotlight'?

Spotlight is a casting service established in 1927. It is a directory of TV, stage and film performers and is the Go To directory that many of our clients use when they are looking to fill a brief. It is a directory of talent that includes photographs and some of the performer's details. Spotlight has a long and good reputation in many industries that your child could work in. Children can only be entered into the Spotlight directory via an agent.


As a website it is an interactive directory - this means that our clients can search for young talent by age, colouring, height, eye colour, etc. You can use it if you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and with this access you can see your child's details. Superarts also has a separate PIN, so when you send us updates of your child's ever-changing details we can update her or his Spotlight entry online - that way our clients are always looking at the most up-to-the-minute information (because you get that information to us when it's needed).


Spotlight is not an agency, so anyone who is represented by us can be put into Spotlight with Superarts Agency's details as the contact information. To be in Spotlight requires the payment of a fee via Superarts Agency. Please visit the Spotlight website by clicking here  for their current membership fee and if you want to know more.