How does your child get onto our books?

Superarts Agency has a fine and long-standing reputation, and as such we remain selective in terms of the young people we accept onto our books. One of our criterion is that we believe we can get the young person work, whether this is for modelling or performance or in many cases both.


We wish we could accept all applications, but in reality many will not be taken any further. We are reliable agents with a solid reputation, so places on our books are limited. Your child may be fabulous in many ways, but we need to feel we have a realistic chance of getting your child work. 


Our reputation goes before us, which is why clients come to us for talent.  We won't accept your money if we don't feel we have a realistic opportunity of getting your child work. That's just common sense.


On receipt of your application:

  1. You will receive an acknowledgement of your application promptly.
  2. Your application will be personally reviewed by the Director Susan Hayes.
  3. You will receive a response from us usually within 10 working days.

If your child is NOT known to us:
  1. We will ask you to email us two recent snapshot photographs of your child and some further information.
  2. On receipt of the photographs and if your child is potentially suitable, we will arrange a date for an audition/assessment session for those children over the age of 7 years. (This isn't a necessary requirement for children under seven.)
  3. The Assessment session gives us the opportunity to meet you and your child, and to assess your child's suitability (including the opportunity for us to observe and work with your child in an environment unknown to them - not unlike a casting or job situation). 
  4. You will then receive a response from us usually within 10 working days, or even on the day itself.
The decision of Superarts Agency is final.

Why would your child need to come to an assessment workshop

Your child will be required to come to us for a workshop because we don't know them yet. We need to know something of :

  • their character
  • their personality
  • how they move
  • how they interact in a group
  • how they respond to the pressure of a new situation
  • their likes and dislikes
  • their quirks and those special things that come out once a child relaxes
  • how they respond to direction
  • how they behave in general

and many other things that cannot be gleaned any other way than by spending time with your child.


This is not negotiable due to our Duty of Care - not only to your child but to our clients as well. We know from experience that finding your child suitable work may have little to do with the child's appearance.


And if we don't already know your child, this means that you don't yet know us - so this is an opportunity for you to assess us as well. You will meet the Director, Susan Hayes, and you will be able to ask her questions about the agency.



What happens next ...

Acceptance and registration with Superarts - or any agency for that matter - is not and can not be a guarantee of work. We can not predict what work will come through the door from one day to the next, nor what the criteria will be regarding the talent required to fulfill a brief. But rest assured that we, like you, want your child to get work because that is why we are here.


It is essential that you keep us up-to-date with any changes regarding your child, as we will be matching the information we have with client briefs.