Revised Details & Measurements Form

This form will help us keep up-to-date details of our Talent and to provide any casting agent, stylist or producer, with the correct details for each of our members. 

Talent's Revised Details
SUPERARTS AGENCY-Talent's Revised Detail
Microsoft Word Document 354.9 KB

School letter - authorising leave of absence

All Talent under the age of 16 years are required by law to be licenced for any job. If the dates of the job fall within the school term, the school will need to provide a letter granting leave of absence. Being aware of how busy all schools are, and sometimes the urgency of collating the necessary documents to apply for a licence, we have provided this template. We hope this form will make it easier for your school and headteacher. Once you have filled in the form, submit it to the school to be signed and stamped.

School Letter authorising leave of absence
School Letter template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 99.3 KB

Job Record Sheets

This form needs to be fully completed on the day of the job and returned to Superarts Agency promptly. You can download and print the Job Record Sheet below.


Job Record Sheet
Microsoft Word Document 51.4 KB