What You Need to Know ...

There is a general lack of information available for parents, so these pages are for you. Here you can get a share of The Knowledge we have accumulated from being in this business for over 50 years - and this knowledge will help you. Placing your child in an agency is something you don't want to go into lightly.


When a child is booked for a job we, like the child and their parents, share the sense of pride and achievement, even more so when we see one of our kids on stage or on TV or in magazines. But please be clear, it isn't up to us who gets chosen in the end - it's up to our clients, the people who come to us looking for talent.


The tabs on the right will give you information on all of the following:

What does Superarts Agency do?

  • What is an agent and what does Superarts do?
  • How do you get an agent for your child?
  • What will Superarts expect of you?


What do we expect of you the parents?

How does your child get onto Superarts' books?

  • How do they get onto our books?
  • Why would your child need to come to an audition / assessment day?
  • What happens after that ...


Money : Fees, Commissions, and Earnings

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  • Photographs
  • Our Commission