You, your Child, and Superarts


Superarts Agency has been established in central London for over 40 years, providing our clients with young models, actors and dancers aged from 2 to 18 years. Based in London we usually only take children onto our books who live within the M25.


Our models, actors and talent have worked in everything from photographic assignments and television commercials, to performances in the hits of London's West End such as Matilda, Billy Elliot, The Lion King and Oliver, to conference shows in Hong Kong and USA. 


Superarts is proud of the fact that:

  • We know our young people first hand, often working with and training them since they were tots This is because most of our talent are taught, trained and developed in-house.  Where there is an exception it is because the young person is themselves exceptional, and has attended our masterclasses so we can get to know them.  
  • We not only focus on finding these young people suitable assignments, but importantly we are in a position to train, develop, prepare, and advance these young people in terms of their talent, potential, well-being, creativity, maturity, and confidence. 
  • We interact with all parents and children on a personal level - this is a family agency after all - to ensure we remain both professional and personal.
  • Our emphasis is not on quantity, it is on quality. To this end we keep the number of young people on our books at a level where we can know each person well and on an on-going basis throughout their young careers.


As parents of talented children ...

There is a general lack of information available for parents, so The Knowledge  pages are for you. Here you can get a share of The Knowledge we have accumulated from being in this business for over 40 years - and this knowledge will help you .. a lot.


Placing your child in an agency is something you don't want to go into without knowing :

  • What you and you child want to achieve.
  • How you are going to achieve it together.
  • What help you will need from us to achieve it.
  • And, importantly, what is expected of you and your child.


The Knowledge pages help you to answer these questions.


Applying to Join Superarts Agency

To apply for your child to join Superarts Agency:

  1. Please read and consider the information on the The Knowledge pages - there is a great deal there, and we suggest you plough your way through it all - so you know what you are doing and how we can help you to achieve what you want to achieve.
  2. Discuss this with your family, especially with the child/children you are proposing to put forward.
  3. Then contact us on the Applications  page.


If you or your family have any questions on the way from 1 to 3 above, you can contact us here.