Mission Statement


We are dedicated to providing young people with life enhancing, practical, educative and profitable experiences, and fostering them in making a positive contribution to their future, to their family, and to the wider community.


We are solely dedicated to working with young people and fostering their creative potential regardless of race, culture, socio-economic or religious background. This ethos is fundamental to the approach of our agency. 

Young people in our agency are encouraged to:

  • co-operate and interact with clients and peers from different backgrounds and age-groups
  • assume significant responsibility for their learning and development
  • take full responsibility for their behaviour
  • develop their ability to communicate
  • improve their self-confidence 
  • explore and develop an understanding of the processes of both commercial and artistic work
  • develop their awareness of healthy living and healthy choices

Superarts Agency focusses on maintaining a respectful and professional community setting, where each child’s creative potential can be explored, promoting success as well as  physical and emotional well-being.


We expect the work they are put up for to take place in a safe and non-judgemental environment, where the process is enjoyable, disciplined, challenging, interactive and most of all creative, supportive, and nourishing.